Did you know?
In the 1600s New York Harbor was one of the most diverse and dynamic environments on the planet. Before the 20th century, New York City was once known as the oyster capital of the world… Streets and buildings made from shells, harboring 220,000 acres of reefs. However, pollution and over-harvesting made the water filthy and lifeless. 
In 1972 the Clean Water Act prohibited sewage and waste from being dumped into the harbor.
30 years later, NY harbor was ready to become home again for Oyster reefs and other marine life.
Thanks to hundreds of dedicated New Yorkers students and organizations like the Billion Oyster Project, New York Harbor is home to 13 active reefs that span over 7 acres of active reefs with 30 million oysters restored! ANDDDD they’re reproducing! 
New York Harbor is the cleanest it’s been in over 100 years.
source billionoysterproject.org
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