Kristie Kish is an Emmy-nominated multimedia artist born and raised in New York. 
Her creative practice explores the intersection of technology and the natural world, using footage, printed matter, natural objects, and data as tools to uncover new perspectives on the environment and our relationship with it. Although her work fuses together a variety of materials and techniques into an unusual or nonsensical clusterfuck hybrid thing, it somehow feels familiar and enchanting.
Before working digitally, she spent her time in the printmaking studio where she developed her love for multilayered visual language. Her work was shown in group exhibitions and published in literary arts journals. She received a BA in Studio Art with a focus on printmaking from CUNY Hunter College in 2016 and an MFA in Computer Arts specializing in motion graphics and experimental art from School of Visual Arts (SVA) in 2023. As a freelance motion designer, she designs and animates work ranging from corporate commercials to silly and bizarre cartoons. She prefers the latter. Her work was broadcasted on Nat Geo Wild, SYFY, and Nickelodeon. In her free time, Kristie is hangin' with her giant bunny rabbit and plants.